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What are SizzleCards?

SizzleCards® are business card "advertisements" that make it easy to find new prospects for your home business.  We developed the SizzleCards concept in 1998 and have printed over 19 million cards for our users.  We know what works ... and our cards prove it.

How do SizzleCards Work?

SizzleCards are simple to use.  There are several types, but they all have the same purpose:  to get prospects interested in learning about your business or product.

There are two ways to use them.  The most common is known as "Lifestyle Prospecting." This is when you hand a SizzleCard personally to people whenever you meet them -- at the store, in a mall, passing in a hall.  The second way to use them is known as "Focused Prospecting."  This is when you purposely focus on getting out a lot of cards.  An example of Focused Prospecting may be when you spend 3 hours in a day and get out 1,000 cards.  When you do this style of prospecting, you are typically leaving them on fuel pumps, ATM machines, counter tops, automobiles, etc.

Do SizzleCards Really Work?

Absolutely!  When you confidently hand SizzleCards personally to people we typically see as high as a 50% conversion rate of prospects requesting more information on your business.  If you simply leave them around town for people to pick up and respond, we typically see an average of 15 to 20 prospects for every 1000 cards you get out.

Do I Need a Voicemail or Website to use SizzleCards?

SizzleCards are simply a form of advertisement.  Their purpose is to get prospects' interest and encourage them to perform a "call to action" to learn more.  So yes, we recommend a voicemail or website to which you send prospects.  We provide a voicemail named Sizzle Line® that uses a pre-recorded greeting; we also provide customable lead capture sites.  Our experience, though, is SizzleCards will work best with a Sizzle Line voicemail.  After all, when people pick them up they are typically not in front of a computer ... but they do have a cell phone.  For that reason, giving them a voicemail to call immediately increases your chance of getting a new prospect.


Need help generating prospects?  Listen to our sample Sizzle Line® voicemail messages.  Use one or more ... see link at the bottom to get your own. 

Weight Loss / Opportunity Message

Weight Loss Message

Energy / Opportunity Message

Opportunity Message


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